Promise Educational Services is established in the year 2003 with a strong vision to ensure equal educational opportunity for all the students in the society. The group since its inception in the year 2003 is striving hard to achieve this aim and now we are in a position that provides higher education to more than 1,000 students a year in different universities and campuses across the globe. We have got affiliations to conduct admissions in more than 100 colleges throughout our country.

Our head office is located in the temple town Haripad and we have launched our prestigious wing in Alappuzha-the Venice of the east by the year 2007. We opened our third branch in Aroor next to the smart city by 2010. We are really proud that the students from this group have achieved remarkable results in various competitive exams. We also provide NEET/JEE/KEAM coaching classes in both online and class room mode across our branches from 2010. Eminent doctors and renowned professors from various sectors are handling classes for students.

From the beginning onwards, we provide free carrier guidance class for the students across the schools in Kerala and more than a Lakh students have utilized this opportunity so far to chase their dreams. We have independent research teams that conducts continuous studies to ensure the future of the different courses so that we can make sure, our students are going in the right path of study. The dedicated and well qualified team of Promise helps the students to dig deeper and push further to show them a different aspect of their future for their successful journey.



Aneesh Sreeraj
MD, Promise Educational Services

You have probably heard about a lot of courses and educational institutions and some smart people might have visited few institutions also. But all information’s you have is what institutions have said about them, normally good things and achievements, not the demerits. It’s very important for the students to know the scope of the courses, colleges that offer it in a quality way and in other hand parents think about the safety and other challenges their ward may face in the next few years at campus.

Here is the role of promise Educational service, to reach out your dream career with a good education, promise is always available as your educational patner to serve you better at any time. The well-educated and talented counselors here will give you the best guidance. We work hard to make our services in a supportive and friendly manner to “ ensure your future with Quality education.


Higher education has an independent as well as instrumental value ie, the purpose of higher and professional education must be not only to rationalize the attitudes of the student’s but also to impart knowledge and improve their professional skills. Quality education should be oriented to national development that aims at training the younger generation in life skills, self reliance, personality development, community service and social integration. Promise Educational Service have inherited these principles and recommended the best institution which promise to give our students a unique opportunity to develop knowledge and have their skills in a safe environment.

I wish that you ascend from peak to peak in all your endeavours of life.


Anoop Sreeraj M.Tech, MBA
CEO, Promise Educational Services



Abhilash Sreeraj M.Sc, B.Ed
Educational Psychologist & Skill Trainer Director, Promise Educational Services

In today’s rapidly evolving society and in the phase of intense competition, education has become a differentiator. Education is now viewed as an identity that can significantly add to the overall well-being of mankind and the society we live in. Education is not just about routine and monotonous teaching committing facts to memory. The process of education is a vast and endless life long journey.

Every students have unlimited innate potentialities that we together have to lift outside. Our favourite teacher’s subject seems to be the easiest. Love towards a subject makes it more easier to understand. Love and respect every teachers as we love our parents. Our Father, Mother and The God given birth to us and together teachers paving the way forward to life. We Promise, promote quality education with moral and ethical values.