Promise Educational Services is a division of Parkours HR and IT Solutions Pvt. Ltd. Having more than a decade of immaculate service history, Promise could lift the education of an individual to a global standard by taking it to esteemed levels. When it comes to educational consultancy and services, Promise is a pioneer name you could rely on. We promise to be a strong companion by offering guidance to educational queries one would come up with at any point in any field. Promise walks along with you in each step of saga to discover yourself as a student. At Promise, we offer higher educational seminars at schools which help the young buds to foresee a carrier oriented path. The institutional heads often appreciate these guidelines and information we share with their students.

For students who are academically sound but are economically weak, Promise offers support by assisting them in grabbing an aid from any of the financial institutions around. If you are a parent, Promise offers a shoulder to entrust. We would help your kids to unleash their dreams.

We started our first office by the year 2004 with a strong vision of providing equal educational opportunities for the students irrespective of their economic backgrounds. Throughout the hard work and dedication, 10 major colleges in our state has given us the permission to work as an Authorized Admission information center by that year and gradually through the long run, now we are affiliated with almost all major colleges and universities in the Asian Continent.

We provide the proper guidance through the researches and studies which we conduct to ensure the bright future of the candidates. Our internal research team analyses and screens the candidate properly through our test methods to ensure the real academic interest of them, thus we can allocate them to the fields that suits their taste. We also provide the accurate information’s to avail scholarships, fees reductions and also about the bank loan details for the needy ones. Our Anti-ragging squad in each campus makes sure that the students will be safe, free and ease to study. We always make sure that our works are transparent in providing quality education admission, guidance and trainings to our candidates.

The support team of Promise is always ready to help you around the clock. With the strong supervision of experienced management team, we complete the promises here. A promise of lifting your educational standards is ready to be delivered here at Promise.